Kitchen Table Sustainability

Two years in the making, drawing on stories and case studies from around the world, Kitchen Table Sustainability is designed to help guide and support you through the challenges of engaging with sustainability so that you can make a difference for your community, your organisation and the Earth.

If communities are the heart and hands of the sustainability movement, community engagement is the life support system that connects the heart and the hands to enable the transition toward global sustainability.

Kitchen Table Sustainability offers a unique view of sustainability through the lens of community engagement.

Drawing on a rich tapestry of personal stories, professional and academic knowledge and a heartfelt care for communities and the Earth, this book encourages communities to engage with conversations about sustainability at the ‘kitchen table’ where anyone can contribute and everyone has a place.

Kitchen Table Sustainability introduces a powerful new EATING approach to community engagement, encompassing Education, Action,Trust, Inclusion, Nourishment and Governance. It distils decades of wisdom from community planning, engagement and sustainability practice into a practical guidebook full of inspiring examples and case studies.

Whether you are struggling to know where to start or wondering why your community engagement processes are stuck and not achieving the sustainability results you wanted, this book can help.

Written by one of the world’s leading experts on community engagement and planning, with contributions from experienced practitioners, scholars and activists, Kitchen Table Sustainability is amust-have for anyone who wants to ensure a livable Earth for future generations of all species.

Praise for the Book:

Heads up for the brilliance and warmth of Kitchen Table Sustainability! This rare offering invites remembrance among the long-divorced facets of modern civilization – starting with the pots, pans, and tea cups of the authors – kitchens and flowing seamlessly outward to propose recipes for learning, healing, and governance among gatherings of people, whole communities and cultures, and the planet itself. Because the book is rooted in the human scale, it exudes the aroma of possibility.

Chellis Glendinning, author of six books including My Name Is Chellis and I’m in Recovery from Western Civilization (1994), New Mexico USA and Bolivia

Leading practitioners of community engagement, Wendy Sarkissian and her colleagues provide a thoughtful and extremely thought provoking reflection on the power of civic processes to transform public outcomes. Skillfully illustrated with highly accessible graphics, Kitchen Table Sustainability poses important and probing questions about the future of the planet while also demonstrating how imaginative and emotionally intelligent processes can bring people together to work for change.

Sarkissian is already well known for her detailed, user-friendly, and comprehensive guides to public engagement; this book lets the reader see inside the conversations and deeper reflections of a rare group of important reflective practitioners taking a holistic approach to improving communities and places.

Ann Forsyth, Professor of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University

Reader Reviews:

A must read for any community organisers or anyone wanting to make a real difference in their community!

- John / Auckland House Painting

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